On Saturday, September 27, Lady Parts Justice is hosting a nationwide celebration of women, with official events and house parties in every state. The V to Shining V celebration will mobilize pro-women advocates — and send a clear message to elected officials that we’re united in voting out those who trample on women’s rights.

Michigan’s party will be extra-special, thanks to the presence of our own Lisa Brown, whose being silenced for using the word “vagina” on the state House floor was a catalyst for the creation of Lady Parts Justice.

Brown, the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, will speak at the event at The Park Bar in Detroit that’s being held from 2-5 p.m.

The local activists putting together the Michigan event are delighted to announce the lineup of speakers and entertainers who will make this a day to remember:

•Lisa Brown, reproductive rights hero
•Rashida Tlaib, state Representative
•Renee Chelian, founder and executive director, Northland Family Planning Centers
•Dr. Mira Krishnan, behavioral health leader and LGBT/women’s/children’s advocate
•Amy Lynn Smith, writer and healthcare advocate

•Lianna Carrera, comedian and host
•Holly Miranda
•Amy Gore
•Ambrosia Parsley
•Insite the Riot
•‘Nique Love Rhodes
•Jaci Caprice

The last three performers are members of the all-female Detroit hip-hop collective “The Foundation,” and other special guests may just make an appearance, too. I’m honored to be among such distinguished company. A representative of Right to Health will be on-hand with information and voter registration, and there will be plenty of other fun in store.

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