gogo santa gore12:19 AM December 25th – I sit on my couch eating chocolate toffey and drinking beer. I’m surrounded by sparkling lights, opened presents, I’m feeling loved and eating recklessly – it’s Christmas again.

Christmas. I’m not religious, but I love this holiday. It’s time to spend with those you love, to give, to enjoy and to relax. I hope you all have a peaceful holiday full of joy and merriment!

The new year is only days away. One must reflect. What has happened, and what will the new year bring?

Right now, I’m excited about playing New Year’s Eve at the Magic Stick! The 2012 Silver Soiree features 20 groups on 3 stages for only $5. I hit around 11:30, and I can’t wait! RSVP HERE on Facebook and come out. The line up is amazing, it’s gonna be a great night!

Thank you for being a friend and fan of my music.

Merry Christmas!!
~ Amy Gore

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