I quit facebook last week! Why? I was compusively checking the site and it left me with an empty, sour feeling. Addiction.

I deleted the app from my phone, but I found myself still drawn to logging in via desktop, just to see what was going on. FOMO. Once on FB, I felt gross. I chose to quit a week before the Cambridge Analytical Data scandal broke, after being on vacation where I swore off the site for a week. In that time, I was able to re-focus on things I want in the real world. Freedom from a tether to a virtual world of blue thumbs-up icons. It is scary to me how important the social media platform has become.

Follow me here or at instagram. Yeah, I know FB owns Instagram. However, on Insta, the data you share isn’t as detailed, (I don’t give any real info, anyways) nor readily available, and most importantly, I don’t feel gross using Instagram. I like it. Yes, my FB music page exists for music news and show announcement. It’s not my personal page.

I’m on a songwriting binge. Being off of the FB has released me into the real world. I play guitar and write here.

Unplug. Delete or deactivate your facebook account. Give a thumbs-up using your actual hands.


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