What are you thankful for this year?

I’ve been known to toy with the idea of growing up. Growing up, like I will stop being an artist and do strictly grown-up things. That one day, writing songs and playing guitar and having fun will be over. At some point, I’ll be truly mature and not have the need to create and play.

How silly is that?

My life as a musician is full of things to be grateful for. I’ve been fortunate to be able to record albums, play music, travel the world, meet people and make life-long friends along the way. Somewhere in 2008 I decided to stop playing with my all-girl garage band, the Gore Gore Girls. I was frustrated with what I saw as a lack of success (funny for a novelty all girl band such as mine), my personal satisfaction with music was waning, and I was out of money. Gas prices had gone up to $3 a gallon, which cut deeply into the meager living I was eeking out on the road. I had decided it was time for me to ‘grow up’.

Music wouldn’t leave me alone, however. Robert Matheau of Creem magazine, on a suggestion from Brian Bowe, also at Creem, had introduced me to Nikki Corvette at Spaceland in Los Angeles. We’d bonded over records and talk of boys. Nikki and I decided to have a band, a fun, punk-rock cover band that wouldn’t require much ‘work’. (Insert laughing out loud here). We recorded an EP and, suddenly, despite me being back in school and trying grow up, we had a tour of Japan and Blondie’s booking agent calling. Growing up had to be put on hold for a little while!

Post-Blondie tour, I realized I missed signing and writing songs. I wanted to play one show as a singer again, and booked a spot at Detroit’s Metro Times Blow-Out Festival to perform. You might know the story here, but if you don’t: I asked Joe Leone if he wanted to sit in on drums, he called Jackson Smith about playing guitar, Leann Banks agreed to play bass, I wrote some songs, and the Valentines band was born. A little over a year later, and I’ve an incredible album that I was fortunate enough to record with an incredible band. 12 Tracks were laid down with special guests that include Dennis Coffey, Luis Resto and Jackson’s sister, Jesse Paris Smith. “In Love” went live last month and I’m terribly proud of it! The lead track off the album, “Drivin’ Around” is featured now in a Chevy Commercial too. It’s been a great year, and I’m thankful for all the great things surrounding the release of the album.

Come celebrate with us this Thanksgiving Eve at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI! We’re playing with our friends Class Three Overbite, The High Strung and Almost Free. The great Brett Lucas guests with us on guitar!

Thank God I never grew up.

~ Amy Gore

You can listen, download or get a copy of “In Love” on vinyl or CD here: http://thisisamygore.com/gore-topspin/

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