I’m so happy to announce I’m in the 2012 Gretsch Guitar Catalog! The guitar I’m playing in the photo is my 2005 NAMM Tradeshow Model White Falcon 6136. Believe it or not, The White Falcon was not intended to be a production model guitar!

Check it out, more about the White Falcon’s history:

“The biggest news of 1955, besides the Atkins guitars, must have been the 6136 White Falcon. Initially intended to be a strictly promotional item, it was dubbed “The Guitar of the Future,” and proved so popular at trade shows it found its way into the model line. The Falcon was like a six-string General Motors Motorama dream car: pure flash. It had a 17-inch body, four knobs, one switch, a Melita bridge, 24 karat gold plating, two DeArmond pickups and a special “Cadillac G” tailpiece with a V shaped crossbar and a metal G suspended between two metal rods. Falcons cost $600 new, $200 more than a 6120. Think five figures for one nowadays.”
Source: http://gretschpages.com/history/

I’ve had my 6136 White Falcon re-fretted once so far. Right now, I play Fender 11 gauge regular wound strings. My other guitar of choice is a 2001 White Falcon II, a double cut model. The 2005 Falcon has TV Jones pickups in it. My amps of choice are either a VOX AC30 or my custom 1965 Fender Bassman combo amp. Lately I’ve been plugged into a 60’s Fender Deluxe at rehearsals with Nikki Corvette, and I really like it. For overdrive and volume, I’ve just started using a Fulltone OCD pedal which I really dig. I don’t think I’ve used it enough. It’s really versatile depending on what combination of guitar/amp and then your volume and tone settings used.

I’m honored to be featured in the new catalog with Michelle Branch, Brian Setzer, Benji Madden, Lynda Kay, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins and all the talented folks who proudly play Gretsch! Thank you Fred and Dinah Gretsch and all the rad peeps at FMIC and Grestch Guitars for your support!

~ Amy

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