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Amy Gore

Sept 27th @ Park Bar! Lady Parts Justice Michigan event, I'm playing!

Upcoming shows

  • 09/27/14 Amy Gore in Detroit, mi at The Park Bar


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Amy Gore


Date City Venue Country
Amy Gore in
Detroit, mi
The Park Bar United States

Time: 2:00pm.

Admission: FREE.

Age restrictions: No Minors.

Address: 2040 Park Ave.

V to Shining V! Lady Parts Justice!
A National Day of Womens Pride
Free Event featuring
•Lisa Brown, reproductive rights hero
•Rashida Tlaib, state Representative
•Renee Chelian, founder and executive director, Northland Family Planning Centers
•Dr. Mira Krishnan, behavioral health leader and LGBT/women’s/children’s advocate
•Amy Lynn Smith, writer and healthcare advocate

•Lianna Carrera, comedian and host
•Holly Miranda
•Amy Gore
•Ambrosia Parsley
•Insite the Riot
•‘Nique Love Rhodes
•Jaci Caprice

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