Kids these days are getting schooled … in rock n roll! I love this idea: parents pay for their children to ‘learn’ how to play in a rock band. Un-real. I think it’s great!

The director of the School of Rock in Farmington MI, Miss Laura Mendoza, told me that two of her classes were covering Gore Gore Girls songs, “Fox In A Box” and “All Grown Up”. Both jams are off ‘Get the Gore’, on Bloodshot Records. FYI: Gore Gore Girls was my all-girl band I had previous to Gorevette and the Valentines. Laura asked if I’d be interested in sitting in with the kids. Of course I would!

Amy plays one of her Gore Gore Girls hits, “Fox in a Box” at the School of Rock in Farmington, MI!

I jammed with the group doing “Fox In A Box”. I love this tune. It’s a song I co-wrote with my guitarist at the time, Marlene Hammerle, and it’s about Pam Grier. Pam Grier was an outrageous and sexy actress who played the role of fearless female in a string of blaxploitation movies in the 1970’s. Check out Foxy Brown and Coffey if you’re unfamiliar. It’s essential viewing!

The kids at the school knew their stuff. They worked hard practicing the song, for sure. I was absolutely thrilled and honored to be playing with them!

Check out the session here!
Amy @ School of Rock, Farmington!

Check out the original Gore Gore Girls version of Fox In A Box at my website: Get “Fox in a Box” Now!

Wanna learn more about teaching YOUR kids Rock ‘n Roll? Check out The School of Rock, Farmington, MI here!


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