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Amy Gore

Excited to play with @gore_gore_girls next week!!! Lansing, Detroit & Chicago!!

Upcoming shows


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Gore Gore Girls Dates!

Marble Bar, Beat Kitchen and Mac’s shows booked!

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Follow Gore Gore Girls!

Fun stuff from the GGG vault and show updates on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

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Gore Gore Girls Reunion in Mexico City!

Amy reunites with the Girls of Gore in Mexico City, April 15 & 16 2016!

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Gore Gore Girls

Amy’s band Gore Gore Girls for Gretsch Guitars! Photo Credit: Takashi Sato.

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Amy Gore is a singer who writes and plays guitar. Her songs are rock anthems, with a slammin’ pop bite and a hint of country. Her music features heavy-hitting beats with electrifying riffs. She has released three albums, her latest featuring the Valentines is entitled “In Love.” She has performed at all the music venues in the city, and throughout the US, opening for Blondie’s Endangered Species tour as “Gorvette,” stemming from a collab with Nikki Corvette. Nicole Wrona CW50